Monday, March 13, 2017

Trinity vs. Colby OT WIN

We have a guest blogger appearance from Sophomore Caroline McKenna. She's added her own take on the game with her very vivid recount of what happened:

Despite the polar vortex, the Bantams made it out of Waterville with all their toes a big fat double-overtime W!  Here's all you really need to know.  They had it for a little bit.  We had it for a little bit.  The next thing you know there's thirty seconds left and our defense is in the hot seat.  Picture this, the Colby attackers are circling around the twelve like a pack of hungry wolves.  The clock is ticking down.  Thirty...twenty-nine...twenty-eight... There was some driving, some dodging, some dishing, but the Bantam D was unfazed.  This game was a chess match, folks, and a strategic defensive substitution by the Trinity coaching staff paid off big time.  Senior middie, Nicole Stauffer, dropped back to low D, clogging up the Colby passing lanes with her eight foot wingspan.  She may be late to every team activity, but her slides were right on time.  Joining her in heroic fashion was junior defender Clara Nowlan.  Coming off a nasty ankle sprain, Nowlan wasn't expecting to see the field but she was ready when duty called.  Sure, she may have tripped over her own frozen feet trying to get warm on the sidelines, but once she made it on the field Clara was on the Mules like white on rice.  These two legends ruled the eight meter until the clock ran out on Colby's final offensive set forcing the game into overtime.

The first three minutes of overtime were a blur.  Either that, or I momentarily blacked out because of the cold.  Anyway, fast forward to the second overtime.  This is where things really start getting good.  With just over a minute left your Trinity Glaxers mounted what would be the last attack of the game and it was a thing of beauty.  We're talking crisp passes, rock hard cuts, lazer focus, and composure to write home about.  Senior midfielder, Karlyn Simpson, found teammate Abby McInnerny cutting through the eight with just over thirty seconds on the clock.  The junior engineering major made the Colby goalie dance calculating the right shooting angle before she finally fired the game winner into the back of the cage.  Pandemonium!  The Bantam faithful smothered that crafty, little ginger in hugs and hightailed it into the athletic center to begin thawing out.

To no one's surprise the game stone went to Zoë "Stonewall" Ferguson who tallied fourteen saves.  The junior keeper was a nightmare for the Mules. 

After the win, the Bantams flew south to warmer weather where they will take on the Ithaca College Bombers and the Dickinson College Red Devils in Nashville, TN.  Yeehaw!

-Sophomore Midfielder Caroline McKenna

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trinity vs. Springfield

Last night, the Bantams took on the Springfield College Pride under the lights on Robin L. Sheppard field. It was a bit rainy on and off, but not too cold, so we lucked out with that! The Bantams came out on top 13-3 in a good team effort from end to end. Defensively, we caused 10 turnovers and  held Springfield to 10 shots with Zoë Ferguson and Caroline Cranley making 6 saves and 1 save, respectively. On attack, we were moving the ball quickly, which allowed us to find the open player inside the 8meter and produce some really nice goals. It was fun to see our attackers work so well together and find the back of the net! We also did some nice things in transition, both on the offensive and the defensive side. We moved the ball well transitioning to our attacking end, finding the open player in the midfield and making good passes. On our defensive transition, we worked really hard to slow down the ball and turn the ball carrier so that she had to pass the ball backwards and try to work it up the other side of the field. While there are still lots of things to work on and it is early in the season, the girls are showing lots of potential and doing some great things and working incredibly hard and it definitely shows on game day!

GAME STONES: Our two game stones for this game went to junior attacker Abby McInerney and senior defender Lara Guida. Abby is probably our smartest player on the team and it really came out last night. She was always heads up and was anticipating a couple steps ahead of where the ball was so that she was already in a good position to be successful. She was an incredible presence in transition, riding the other team hard and hunting them down with her speed. She scored 3 goals, had 2 assists, picked up 4 ground balls, 2 draw controls, and caused 3 turnovers. AMAZING performance from her tonight!!!
Lara Guida is our rock on defense. She plays low defense on the crease and is a loud voice down there, helping to keep everyone organized and on the same page. She picked up 1 ground ball, 1 draw control and caused 1 turnover. 

NEXT UP: The Bantams will be heading up to Waterville, ME to play Colby this weekend before they fly down to Nashville, TN for spring break. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Season Schedule

Here is our schedule for the 2017 season:

*We are going to Nashville, TN for spring break this year and playing Ithaca and Dickinson while we are there.

You can find our schedule, roster, and other info on Trinity Lacrosse at the Trinity College Athletics webpage, or at this link here:

2017 Trinity Women's Lacrosse Team

Meet our 2017 Trinity Women's Lacrosse Team!!

Senior captains: Meggie Collins, Karly Simpson, Clare Lyne

Marblehead, MA

South Hadley, MA
Concord, MA




Mendham, NJ



Loudonville, NY



Swampscott, MA



Wilmington, DE



Chatham, NJ



Cheshire, CT




Ridgewood, NJ



Summit, NJ



Cape Elizabeth, ME



Needham, MA



 Yarmouth, ME



West Newbury, MA



Manhasset, NY



West Caldwell, NJ



Concord, MA




Sandwich, MA



 Vero Beach, FL



 Gloucester, MA



Wellesley, MA

2017 Season Opener: Trinity vs. Williams

On Sunday March 5th, the Bantams opened up the 2017 season at home vs. Williams. The game was supposed to be on Saturday, but because it was going to be so cold, the game got moved to Sunday. It happened with all the other games in the conference as well. Although it meant we had to wait even longer to play our first game, it also meant that the Bants had one more day of recovery and one more day to run through our defense and different attacking motions to feel more prepared for our first game. The weather turned out to be beautiful on Sunday, not nearly as cold as we were expecting, and the sun was shining with clear blue skies, so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing to have pushed it back a day! Plus, the Bantams won 12-6, so it was a great start to the season!! 

The starting line up on Sunday included:
Clare Lyne '17
Abby McInerney '18
Kiley Coffey '18
Grace O'Donnell '18
Karly Simpson '17
Allie Barrett '18
Mary French '19
Lara Guida '17
Meggie Collins '17
Morgan Strabley '20
Sarah Montalbano '20
Zoë Ferguson '18

We have two freshmen defenders who have really stepped up and have been doing an amazing job adjusting to the pace of the college game and the level of play in the NESCAC. The returners have also come back and have been doing a great job picking up where we left off last year, coming to every practice with high intensity and challenging each other every time they go up against each other to make everyone better. 

The Bantams started off the scoring, but the game was pretty back and forth for the beginning part of the game. The Bantams went into halftime with a 5-2 lead and continued to find the back of the net throughout the second half. Trinity won 12 of the 20 draw controls, caused 10 turnovers, and picked up 11 ground balls, helping them to have possession and keep the tempo and pace of the game in their hands for the most part. Our defense had some really nice sets and played well together. Zoë Ferguson had a great game in net, making 9 saves on the day. 

GAME STONE: The game stone went to 2 players on Sunday: Freshman defender Morgan Strabley and junior midfielder Allie Barrett. Morgan was playing low defense for us and did an awesome job of putting pressure on any attacker who got the ball low behind the cage. She also caused 3 turnovers on the day. Allie seemed to be all over the field all game, being a huge impact player on both ends of the field -  3 goals, 2 ground balls, 1 draw control, and 3 caused turnovers.  

NEXT UP: The Bantams now have one day to recover from Sunday and prepare for our next game, which is HOME vs. Springfield College on Tuesday March 7th at 6PM